Click the links below to see more information and examples about artists exhibiting at the Final Degree Show.



Alex Bitskoff


Amy Abbott


Becky Brown
Borbala Kiraly

24 june 2008

Chaehyung Park

Chengsi Lu

Pic 1

Christina Putz

Chrystalla Michael

Bird commute 1

Claudia Silva

Don Murray


Efi Bampionitaki

emily's pic

Emily Spicer


Fiona Wilson

Hermetic Universe

Geoffrey Cole

Gordon at the end

Gordon at the end

Guthrie Watson

Tupolski & Ariel

Hannah Bagshaw
Hazel Townsend
Henry Davies

Mild Things

Hiromasa Iida


I-Ying Yeh

What I think when I think of you

IRis Ng

Clawks 3

Jason Lambidis

Jessica Excell


JingJing Jiang

Ikkle Lion

Jo Phillips

Tree Deer

Jo Hsieh

Social spinning

José Manuel Macías

Idle Park Day

Joseph Beale

Hansel and Gretel

Kim Toohey

Shen 2

LauLau Shen

The Sun Has Turned To Black

Luca Pizzari

Pink ears in the city

Mags James

Mary Quite Contrary

Maria Georgiou

Family Portrait

Mas Snitwongse

The First Lonely

Nanae Kawahara

Appearance and Its Hidden Parts

Pailin Thawornwijit

How to stitch

Peng-Chia Huang

Why does nothing ever suit me

Petra Kneile
Sarah Mestarihi

Give Up

Saran Patchimasiri

The Girl In Leopard Boots

Theresa Jui-Yi Chen

Wei-Yin Chou


Will Bailey


Xin He

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