Amy Abbott studied BA Textile Design at the University of Leeds graduating in 2007.

Having an art grounding in fine art meant she rejected contemporary methods of design instead choosing to focus on traditional techniques of drawing and painting.

Amy successfully won a place in the Association of Illustrators Images 32, The Best of British Contemporary Illustration. This achievement gave Amy the confidence to pursue Illustration professionally.

Her Illustrations are a feminist study investigating and questioning ‘why female sexual behaviour is still deemed a taboo in today’s society?’ Amy hopes to draw attention to this question by combining sexual fetish with the traditional role of women as domestic being in her work.


Amy’s illustrations are a response to found quotes by leading feminists such as Simone de Beauvoir and Susan Sontag, which she uses as a narrative to guide her work.

By setting the characters in a domestic setting Amy hopes to evoke familiarity of these gender stereotypes within the viewer as well as presenting an alternative insight into the traditional image of homemaker.

Amy Abbott is heavily influenced by outsider art and expressionism; her illustrations are A2 charcoal on paper.


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