Chrystalla Michael is a freelance illustrator from Cyprus, currently based in Central London. After completing a BA Honours Degree in Illustration in 2009, she wanted to continue her education at the University of the Arts London: Camberwell College of Arts. This summer 2010 she will be graduating with a postgraduate degree in Visual Arts: Illustration.
Having developed a passion for literature from an early age, Chrystalla aspires to work in the field of narrative illustration, writing and illustrating picture books, creating book jackets, illustrating characters from books and storyboarding for narrative, film or television. Chrystalla is also fond of editorial illustration and all manner of media illustration including CD and album covers. Although she tends to gravitate towards traditional drawing media, particularly black and white pen and ink, Chrystalla also works digitally. Occasionally she likes to experiment with printmaking techniques, such as etching and linocut and her pen drawings are often confused for etchings!
Chrystalla’s picture book titled “The Heroic Act of a Mouse Called Beatrice” was shortlisted for the Macmillan Prize for Children’s Picture Book Illustration in 2009. Her latest project for the postgraduate course at Camberwell is a graphic novel illustrated with pen and ink and later enhanced and re-worked digitally.

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