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Claudia was born in Chile and grew up in South London. She has very recently moved to the Suffolk coast.
Before joining the MA at Camberwell, Claudia worked for many years in the theatre and film industry as a costume designer and supervisor.
She joined the MA because she wanted to give focus to her narrative work and practice her drawing and painting which have always been her passion.
During the MA Claudia has been working on a children’s book called ‘Bird’ which is about both migration in birds and its parallels with human immigration (and migration).
The character in Bird, simply called “Bird”, lives in a wonderfully rich and cosmopolitan urban environment, but something it seems is missing…

Bird and Smew on the tube 2

The idea of the book stemmed firstly from Claudia’s fascination with nature, especially in an urban environment where animals and plants encroach on the city and its inhabitants who are unaware of their presence. It was also inspired by the idea of human immigration and migration and the richness of diversity they create.
Claudia now works as an illustrator and is hoping to publish her book!

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