Mild Things

House of Tame

I am Hiromasa Iida, who is a Japanese illustrator.

I love drawing quirky people / characters, making a collage and designing a
hand-rendered typography with conventional materials as a pencil. I also
enjoy to do some traditional printmaking such as linocut.

Currently I am engaged in my self-initiated project, which is to create a
series of artwork in relation to some conspiracy theories that I have been
fascinated with, in humourous way. The concept is how evil superpowers have
set a trap for most people who live in democratic countries to be a mere
tame existence as a pet, in order to control this world as they want.

For this project, I challenge to assimilate methodologies of Japanese zany
visual humour, which can be seen on Japanese TV comedy shows, into an
universal technique of British rhetorical one.

Apart from talking seriously, anyway, I hope enjoy my pictures!


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