The Sun Has Turned To Black

Spring Heeled Jack

House on the borderland

Luca PIZZARI is a twenty-seven-years-old illustrator who lately got into cartooning because he realized that he doesn’t have the patience or the ability to cope with all those little refined details that make a drawing realistic. Plus, he thought he could learn to master the gift of synthesis at least in his design sense, since he shamelessly lacks it in any other sphere of his life.

He loves comic books almost as much as he loathes the term graphic novels and many years ago fell madly in love with slow, brooding heavy metal music, pulp magazines and vintage horror and science-fiction from the ‘50s-‘60s and never recovered ever since.

One day, he would appreciate if someone gave him a comic series to write and draw or a record cover to illustrate. In the meanwhile, he keeps watching horrible little movies and listening to what most of the people around him call noise, just to nurture his own visual imaginary.


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