Pink ears in the city


I come from Liverpool, where I developed a love of drawing after winning a prize in a local competition at the age of 8 with a drawing of a very strange cowboy!

After moving south to Brighton I completed a BA Illustration at Brighton University, during my BA I started experimenting with a lot of different ways of working, I enjoyed discovering new ways of creating images and the beauty of making mistakes.

I have always been interested in city life, the tensions that arise from so many people living together, the highs and lows, the humour and the connections between people from all different places/backgrounds. A lot of my work is an exploration of these themes.

I moved to London to do an MA Illustration at Camberwell and to become a freelance illustrator.

Living in London inspires me, I love cycling through the city discovering new places, people, random conversations, and buildings and finding things in the street.

Other inspirations in my life come from going to Art shows, films, travelling and things I read on shampoo bottles and other toiletries.

I do a lot of work in my sketchbooks and I still love drawing and finding new ways of making images.

I also work digitally, combining images from sketchbooks with my photos.

And I love football.

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